Critical Illness Needs Analysis

The Critical Illness Calculator will help you outline the additional expenses that occur through critical illness. The Critical Illness Calculator will allow you to 1. assess a comprehensive critical illness future cash flow requirement and 2. Present the client’s current critical illness coverage position. By adjusting the inflation assumptions and assumed rates of return on investments you will be able to project in more detail the critical illness cash flow requirements on a yearly basis. Once the projected required cash flow is established the Critical Illness Calculator will present the amount of coverage required to adequately fulfill the client’s critical illness needs.

Current Asset and Coverage Information
Bank Deposits
Savings (Non-Registerd investments)
Registered Savings Plan (RRSP's)
Marginal Tax Rate
Net Available from RRSP's (after-tax)
Expected Rate of return on Investments
Inflation Rate
Current Critical Illness Coverage :
Total Current Investable Assets
 Projected Expenses Annual Expense  No. of Years  Total Expense    
Debts Repayment
(eg. Mortgage, credit cards, loans)
X = +
Lost Income X = +
Medical Expenses X = +
Housekeeping X = +
Child Care X = +
Home Care
(eg. Nurse, home companion)
X = +
Special Equipment/Renovations
(eg. wheelchair, mobility bars, ramps)
X = +
Recovery Expenses X = +
Rehabilitation/Retraining X = +
Out of Country Medical Care X = +
Miscelleneous X = +
Total Current and Long-Term Expenses
Total Current and Long-Term Expenses Adjusted for Inflation

This calculation is provided for illustration purposes only. The ability to forecast your future financial situation is impacted by a wide variety of factors many of which can change significantly over time and not all of which can be included in this calculation. You should regularly review your current financial position and future goals to improve the likelihood of achieving success. We cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness.